About us

We are in the business of making people experience a memorable live moment within a safe and controlled environment.

Whether it is a corporate event, a congress, a trade fair, a music festival, a sports event or a cultural performance: risk assessments, security protocols, sustainability and waste prevention plans are standard procedures that event professionals implement to insure their guests a safe and secure live experience.

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Take care

We strongly advise all event professionals and people attending events to respect the official safety guidelines.

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Covid Event Risk Model

Facing the most impactful crisis ever, we took the initiative to develop the Covid Event Risk Model and a Code of Conduct.

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Latest news

Nieuwe tax shelter maatregel

20% belastingvermindering voor de verwerving van nieuwe aandelen van ondernemingen met een omzetverlies ingevolge COVID-19 KMO-vennootschappen die hun omzet sterk hebben zien dalen ten gevolge... (read more)

August 12, 2020