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Scan your events for potential COVID-19 risks

Facing the most impactful crisis ever, the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations took the initiative to develop an Covid Event Risk Model (CERM) and a Code of Conduct (COC), allowing private and public event organisers to scan their events on potential COVOD-19 risks. The model was co-developed and validated by the Expertise Center Public Impact of Karel de Grote Hogeschool and empowered by Toerisme Vlaanderen & Event Flanders. By developing the CERM and making it available to everyone, the Belgian event industry wants to contribute to a safe and responsible recovery of the event sector at large.

What is the COVID Event Risk Model?

The COVID Event Risk Model (CERM) is a dynamic advisory model that allows private and public organisers to scan their events for possible COVID-19 safety risks. The model applies to touristic, sports, cultural and corporate events in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Event organisers scan their events via a simple questionnaire. The risks are determined by a number of parameters that are known to reduce or, in some cases, increase the spread of the coronavirus. The model allows you to identify the safety risk for each event, regardless of the type, size, number of participants or who organises the event.


The scan is available FREE of charge on as a multilingual online tool.

The outcome of the scan will indicate whether the planned event does respect and meet the health and safety requirements imposed by the federal authorities or not. In case the outcome is negative, the event organiser has to implement additional measures.  On the website, event professionals will also be able to consult the Code of Conduct (COC) containing many guidelines helping them to comply with the safety obligations.

Learn more about the CERM by watching the videos belows.

Video in DUTCH

Video in FRENCH

Code of Conduct

To assist and guide all event organisers in organising COVID-safe events, the Alliance of Belgian Event Associations has developed an extensive Code of Conduct. This manual gives an overview of all evaluation criteria and details the measures to be taken to get a positive result on the Covid Event Risk Model. Download the Dutch and French version.

CERMified label

After completing the Covid Event Scan on , you will get a Green, Orange or Red outcome. In case you end up in the Green zone, you can download your scan and apply for the CERMified label, which proves that your event is organized to the highest standards in terms of Covid Risk control.

We recommend all professional event organisers to use this label, as it will comfort both your clients and your clients visitors that they are participating in a unique live experience, which respects the official safety guidelines.

(The label might not be up and running yet, but it will be soon be installed by on the site by Toerisme Vlaanderen)

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