National Security Council: no further relax measures today

July 15, 2020

Belgium will not further relax measures for the next stage of its exit plan, announced Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès during a press conference on Wednesday. A decision on whether measures will be further relaxed has been postponed until Thursday 23 July. By then, the government and experts hope to be able to better assess the epidemiological situation. “Since the beginning of this month, we have seen a resurgence of the virus. Phase 5 was drawn up, and was scheduled to start on 1 August,” she said.

Additionally, the GEES reports that the so-called reproduction number is already above 1 again, which means that the epidemic is regaining strength. “That is not good. The situation should not get any worse,” said Wilmès.

The Alliance of Belgian Event Federations understands today’s decision of the National Security Council but counts on a perspective for the fall season at the latest next week

Furthermore and after the corona measures were not respected at various events last weekend, the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations call on all event organisers to strictly follow all official obligations.

All organizers are also called upon to use the COVID Event Risk Model (CERM) to scan their event in advance and comply with the official event protocol.

The industry is committed to continuing to work constructively with virologists, the GEES and the government to finally be able to offer a perspective for the fall by July 23.

Download here the press release in Dutch and French.